Coaching builds capacity for the entire organization


  • Would you like to understand yourself better, leading with who you are at your core, and be your most authentic self?
  • Have you recently been promoted to a leadership position and feeling overwhelmed by your new role?
  • Or perhaps you’ve received some feedback that you’d like to change?
Leadership coaching is an effective solution.

Coaching is a powerful partnership for personal and professional development that improves performance and overall well-being. Professional coaching helps individuals, teams and organizations clarify their vision, establish a course of action and sustain momentum toward reaching their goals. The coaching relationship provides a structure of progress, reflection and assessment, producing outcomes that align with values and priorities.

Our clients engage us for various reasons. Each client is unique therefore our programs are customized to your specific circumstances and goals. Coaching holds you accountable while encouraging you to take ownership of your overall goals.

 Our Leadership coaching is individualized and focused on goals, actions, and solutions so that you can improve your performance, increase success and life satisfaction.

 Our leadership coaching is a transformational process that first affects the person, then their team and finally, their organization. It is about the development of the whole person – heart, body, mind and soul. Balanced individuals bring magic into the systems and businesses they are leading.

 The goal of coaching is to help individuals focus on what is important to them by reflecting on their values, beliefs, strengths, and assumptions. Commitment to an action plan will steer you towards reaching your goals, personally, professionally, and organizationally.

 Typically, coaching involves identifying and bringing forth personal vision, mission, values and uniqueness. It involves uncovering skills, capabilities and talents. And it also involves identifying blind spots and areas for further growth and development.

Fully integrated leaders are necessary to realize the full potential of learning organizations in today’s rapidly changing, environments.

 Coaching has significant positive impact on the following areas:

  • Develop leadership skills at all levels
  • Provide transitional support to new leaders during their crucial first 90 days
  • Transform high potential candidates into gifted leaders
  • Identify and create behavioral changes needed for any role
  • Increased productivity and engagement
  • Better communications and teamwork
  • Boosting employee health, resilience, and well-being
A typical coaching engagement includes:
  • An Initial 2-hour assessment and strategy session
  • Use of assessments to understand leadership strengthens, and communication style. Assessments may include DISC, Leadership SkillMap, Leadership StyleMap, Strengths Finder, EQ 2.0 and EQ 360.
  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions in-person, by phone or Skype, to be scheduled at your convenience
  • Limited email support
  • Up to two 15-minute check-in calls per month
Coaching can help you gain a greater sense of confidence
and competency on the job,
particularly when having pivotal conversations.
It can also make you a better listener, problem-solver,
strategic thinker and, ultimately, a better leader.
-Maria Sowden Weingarden